TerEster Tri-Cap

TerEster Tri-Cap is a very clean ester that does not have the coconut odour that is usually associated with Tricaprylin. It is a very light dry ester that rubs into the skin very quickly and does not leave any residue behind.

Features & Benefits

  • Very clean smelling, water white ester

  • Very light and dry

  • Does not leave any residual odor on skin

  • Very good solvent for actives and sunscreens


  • Sun care products

  • Liquid or hot pour foundations

  • Light serums

  • Lipsticks

  • Hair shine sprays

Use Level

  • 5 – 50 %

Formulation Tips

  • Add NS TerEster Tri-Cap to oil phase. It is not temperature sensitive

INCI: Tricaprylin