NeXome Delivery System

NeXome is a naturally derived, patent pending delivery technology which allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin which increases product performance significantly.

Key Features

  • Spontaneously forms vesicles without high shear which for easier “encapsulation” of active ingredients

  • Is able to encapsulate higher levels of actives than traditional liposomes

  • It improves active ingredient performance through highly effective delivery

  • PEG-free

  • Dioxane-free

  • Ethyleneglycol-free


Phytomoist is 400 times more moisturizing than Sodium Hyaluronate and contains a natural Hyaluronic Acid derived from an edible mushroom widely consumed in Asia. In combination with Betaine, naturally derived from beets and plant derived glycerin, the combination has the following properties:

Key Features

  • Extremely high level of moisturization

  • Improved skin softness • Increase production of SOD in the skin

  • Prevention of frizziness in hair due to humidity

  • Use level 0.5 - 5

MGel Technology

NS MGels are multifunctional self-emulsifying gels used to create very stable water-in-oil or water-in-silicone emulsions.

It does not require any additional thickener or emulsifiers and is designed to make room temperature or elevated temperature emulsions.

It can be used to make liquid or cream foundations, SPF creams or lotions and long-wearing water-proof products such as mascaras.

Emulsions made with MGels have a very consistent viscosity at RT, 45C, 50C or F/T.

Key Features

• Self-emulsifying and self-thickening
• Low viscosity/thin or thick W/O emulsions
• Very stable at elevated temperature
• Finished products don’t undergo drastic changes in viscosity
• Non-greasy
• Natural looking
• Silky, soft application
• Long wearing
• Cold process
• Short batch cycle time