QuSome Technology

Next Step Laboratories working in agreement with Biozone Laboratories exclusively offers active ingredients prepared in QuSomes™ a patented skin delivery technology. QuSomes™ delivery allows active ingredients to become more efficacious and less irritating providing consumers with maximum product performance.

QuSomes™ active ingredients are available with salicylic acid, AHAs, peptides, vitamins, botanical extracts, and synthetic molecules. Next Step Laboratories also develops custom and exclusive QuSomes™ ingredients for specific customer needs.

Key Features


QuSome Enhanced Encapsulation

SEM photo
Unilamellar QuSome
SEM photo
Multilamellar QuSome


Improved Encapsulation
Comparative encapsulation % profile of CoQ10
for 3 months at room temperature.


Topical Penetration Study - Penetration Equals Efficacy
Improved Dermal Penetration

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